Artist Statement

I create textural and fluid abstract landscapes that are filled with mythical impressions.  They represent the ephemeral quality of nature and the imprecision of dreams and memories.  Through my intuitive style of working I produce a familiar yet elusive or cryptic terrain.  My method is to engage in a visual conversation with the work, solving formal issues as I conjure the essence of each piece.  The two main themes in my work are environmental issues and science fiction.  


2017 - Channeling Earth and Bio series.  Exploring landscapes and lifeforms, alien or Earthbound.  I enjoy creating imagery that possesses that mysteriously quality of appearing both as something on a large scale, such as a mountain range and as something on the microscopic level.  Many of these prints are sized proportionally in accordance with the Golden mean which reflects the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers. This ratio of efficiency and beauty can be found throughout nature including pinecones, nautilus shells, sunflowers and spiral galaxies.  

The Subspace and Quantum works were created as a respite from the ongoing disaster of global warming and the denial and obstruction of progress to create a more sustainable world.  Despite the ignorance and greed of politicians and the corporations in control, the physics of global warming remain unchanged.  

I've been reading and watching sci-fi since I was a child in the 1960's.  As we continue to experience extreme climate changes and social upheaval I find comfort and inspiration in the optimism of certain works in the genre. Mysterious quantum physics reveals universal connections and Star Trek's vision revered exploration, equality, diversity, sharing and aspirations of individual betterment as opposed to conquest, warfare, intolerance, tribalism, greed and selfishness.  We can only hope that the better nature of humanity will prevail.

The Black Water paintings are about the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster which continues to plague the Gulf of Mexico today and the Extractions work is about the extractive worldview of the mining and energy industries which have produced chronic environmental devastation on a global scale.  The continued extraction, production and burning of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic climate change.  And while temperatures soar, polar regions melt and sea levels rise there remains political and corporate collusion and obfuscation about the cause, severity and urgency of the crisis.  Keep it in the ground.