Artist Statement

I create fluid abstract landscapes that allude to the ephemeral quality of nature and the imprecision of dreams and memories.  Through my intuitive style of working I produce a familiar yet elusive terrain that often has an ambiguous sense of scale or perspective.  The imagery is imperfect, irregular, sometimes appearing distressed, often revealing its own evolution.  Environmental issues are a recurring theme in my work while the natural world, science and science fiction inspire my imagery.  My method is to engage in a visual conversation with the work, solving formal issues as I conjure the essence of each piece.  

I've been a sci-fi fan since I was a child.  As we continue to experience extreme climate changes and social upheaval I find comfort and inspiration in the optimism of certain works in the genre. Mysterious quantum physics reveals universal connections and Star Trek's vision honors cooperation, exploration, equality, diversity, sharing and aspirations of individual betterment as opposed to conquest, warfare, intolerance, tribalism, greed and selfishness.  


Moon series. Going off-world in order to survive.

Channeling Earth series.  Exploring landscapes and lifeforms.  Many of these hand-pulled prints are sized according to the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers. This series of numbers can be found throughout the natural world including within pinecones, nautilus shells, sunflowers, spiral galaxies and the bee ancestry code.

Hexagon series. Using encaustic monotypes to create collages made of hexagons along with the occasional sphere. Some of the hexagons create an optical illusion and can be seen as three dimensional cubes. Darwin declared that the hexagonal honeycomb is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” Nature prefers hexagons and they are found in many places including fly eyes, soap bubbles, wasp nests and snowflakes.

Most of my recent work is created as a respite from the ongoing disasters of global warming and environmental destruction along with the denial and obstruction by politicians, governments and corporations which impedes progress to create a more sustainable world.